Who do I contact if I need help / want to help?

Our intake form is HERE. We will respond ASAP. 

Do you have a mailing list or newsletter..?

Yes! You can sign up for periodic updates by clicking here. This is a very low-volume list, but its the one to be on to be informed about periodic community meetings, urgent news affecting DIY communities, critical issues coming before City Council. 

Do you have any documentation or how-to's?

Yes, a great deal of it. For now, we ask you please contact us directly as the first step. Code compliance can be complex, and you want a code professional to not only confidentially assess your needs but provide you with the appropriate context for the documentation. The best thing to do is contact us directly for a no-fee, no-tell consultation. For now however, you can peruse documentation on this wonderful site: saferspac.es.   

How do I make a tax-deductible donation?

Please see our Donation page for everything you’d want to know.

I want to throw a benefit event for y'all. What's the best way to do that? 

Yay! Please use our intake/contact form linked above to get in touch. Benefit events are great for us, because proceeds generally do not have to be tax-deductible. This allows us to serve a greater spectrum of communities and needs that can fall through the gaps of 501(c)3-restricted funds: It allows us to more easily provide aid to undocumented tenants of DIY spaces, for example.    

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, you can connect with us on Facebook HERE. As you'll note, we're not on facebook very much - nor do we do many events or promotion. We focus almost entirely on code-compliance, without many resources dedicated to PR or other public-facing activities.

How come your website doesn't visually showcase more of your caseload or aid recipients? Are you guys for real? 

Yes, we're for real :) Pretty much 100% of our time has to be dedicated toward arranging direct aid to those that need assistance and our public policy work. We are primarily volunteers, our caseload is high, and there is far more work than available time. Therefore, out of necessity, tasks like the website updates, FB updates, and so on have unfortunately had to take a backseat to the sheer case load. However, if you'd like to know more about us and what we do, by all means get in touch via our request form and we’ll email you asap!