Our DIY Communities Safety Fund offers financial assistance in the form of micro-grants to communities in creative, alternative, and/or otherwise non-traditional "DIY" spaces who face immediate housing and safety crises. Our DIY Fund goes directly toward pre-inspections, reparative construction (labor, materials), and other fees necessary to make core life-safety improvements. The goal of this fund is part of our larger cause to prevent the displacement of and create physically safer spaces for our vibrant arts, culture, and political scene in the Bay Area.

If you live, work, and/or provide space for communities to gather and share culture, and are at risk of displacement or have safety concerns, you may be eligible to receive assistance, and we encourage you to apply. Please contact us through our intake form.


As of April 2017,  our CODE + COMPLIANCE group has met with over 40 DIY spaces in the Bay Area.  Because of our work, we are widely seen as "boots on the ground" and have been first responders to countless individuals in DIY space-related crises, including those who face eviction due to live/work space code or safety issues.

Other Ways to support us.

If you're holding an event that uses online ticket sales, consider using SPARXO - an amazing online ticketing platform.  To support Safer DIY Spaces, SPARXO has committed to donating 100% of service fees incurred through online sales to our DIY Communities Safety Fund. To help us take advantage of this offer, register to use SPARXO here, using this link.